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Lifetime Access to 24sessions for $69

24sessions is the ultimate tool for online video meetings and screen sharing. It allows you to record the meeting, invite guests, automatically send reminders and the list goes on.

Only Lifetime Deals - 24sessions

  • Lifetime Unlimited video-chat meetings
  • Live now forms (connect instantly)
  • Automatic meeting confirmations & reminders
  • User & group management
  • Calendar integration (Google, Outlook, Office 365)
  • 25% discount on all future users for life!
  • Reports & dashboard
  • Zapier integration (coming soon)
  • Smart booking forms (get bookings!)
  • Record your meetings for free
  • Instant post-meeting reviews
  • Add your own branding (logo+colors)
  • Includes document and screen sharing
  • Works on web and mobile
  • No downloads or installations
  • Store up to 2GB of recordings free


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