HumCommerce – The Best CRO Tool For Your Business (Lifetime Access)

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HumCommerce – The Best CRO Tool For Your Business (Lifetime Access)

Every marketer or website owner dreams of a 100% conversion rate after a user lands on their website.

Unfortunately, the reality is most websites manage to convert only 2% of the visitors who land on their page to customers.

This is why you need HumCommerce!

See how visitors interact with your website and convert them into paying customers with HumCommerce.

How HumCommerce Fuels the Conversion Funnel:

  • Track user activity using detailed Heatmaps
  • Easily record user sessions
  • Track user flow in your purchase funnel
  • See what works with A/B testing
  • Check what keywords you are ranking for on Google and Bing
  • See what form fields you should remove and what you should keep
  • Easily visualize and measure your conversion funnel
  • Measure your campaign success with conversion attribution
  • Create custom reports from analytics data

See what you can achieve with this powerful tool:

A. Track User Activity


See which parts of your pages are getting the maximum clicks and engagement and which parts fare poorly using this powerful heatmap tool. You can analyze all the clicks, mouse movement and scroll data individually for each page.

Session Recordings

Record every movement of people who visit your website and perfect your conversion funnel using the data.

User Flow

See what steps a user takes before finally, he or she makes a purchase or drops out of the conversion funnel.

B. Track Website Performance

A/B Testing

See what works and what doesn’t by performing A/B testing on your website. Change button colors or mix and match the images on your pages to find the perfect design combination!

Search Engine Keywords

Find keywords for which you rank for on Google and Bing right in the HumCommerce Dashboard.

Form Analytics

Forms are one of the most important parts of a website. Automatically analyze your form conversion rate using HumCommerce.

C. Marketing Reports

Ecommerce Conversion Funnels

In a traditional e-commerce site, people drop out of a purchase funnel in every stage. Setup funnels in HumCommerce and track the user flow to optimize your purchase flow for maximum conversions.

Conversion Attribution

Choose from over 6 different attribution models to analyze campaign performance. You can track all your campaign performance under one dashboard.

Custom Reports

Create custom reports to pull analytics data from e-commerce activity, visitor logs, website engagement metrics and more!

See what happy user have to say:

“Humcommerce is exactly what we needed to see what our visitors were doing inside our store. We’ve only just installed it and made so many optimizations already, I love how it’s so specific to eCommerce ”

– Tod Hamam

“Using HumCommerce to see my visitors in real-time is GOLD! It’s very convenient to see all the detailed report on my dashboard. A nice alternative to HotJar. ”

– Ronald Surya

“Have to say the team is amazing, great follow-up and great service. Highly recommend!”

– Veronica Grace

Grab this powerful CRO tool for only $49!

Deal Terms:

  • This deal includes Lifetime Access to Pro Plan
  • Updates for a lifetime will be covered
  • Lifetime email support will be provided


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