VIDREPURPOSER is a tool to create new unique videos using existing content

The realm of marketing and lead development has come leaps and bounds as compared to what it used to be a decade or so back. These days, when you think of marketing and recruiting new customers or accessing new client bases, the first means that pops into mind to achieve this through is social media. The advent and growing popularity of the internet has changed the way businesses market a product or service to attract customers, and in order to be successful, it is necessary to keep up with the trends that reap the most rewards as you do not want to be wasting precious resources on advertisement that is not actually achieving its goal.

While the likes of Facebook ads, YouTube channels, and SEO optimized blogs are frequently used by marketers to gain traction, the truth is that these methods are quickly becoming ineffective due to the utter abundance of people using these means. With so many people using the same few strategies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in a crowd. However, studies and surveys suggest that using videos that are equipped with valuable content on landing pages and websites is arguably one of the most effective ways of turning leads into customers.


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Videos tend to grab the attention of the customer, deliver information in a digestible and interesting manner, and show people that you are putting in a considerable effort for their viewing pleasure. But that is where the problem lies: pumping out video content that isn't repetitive and has substantial value is a time consuming and tedious process and is often unsuitable for most people. So how can you keep posting new, unique videos pertaining to your services without burning yourself out? Here is where Vidrepurposer comes in to save the day.


Vidrepurposer is an online cloud-based tool that allows you to ‘repurpose’ your old video, audio, or even written files and turn them into completely new content which you can use in videos, blogs, and even podcasts for the purpose of attracting and generating leads. All you have to do is launch the online repurposer, upload or enter the URL of the video, audio, or written content that you wish to repurpose, customize the video according to your liking, preview it, and then post it wherever you wish in whatever form you want- video, audio, or even text.

When it comes to customization, Vidrepurposer allows you to add images, edit text, edit fonts and colors, and basically manipulate the video enough so that you can make it truly your own. Unique content is key when it comes to ensuring that you never lose the customer and are able to attract leads and with Vidrepurposer, you can spin existing material in a way that is original and different from the source.

y using such a tool, you can multiply your existing content in a matter of minutes without having to fuss about creating new posts and videos every single day, a feat that is almost impossible yet almost essential in this day and age if you are to succeed amongst the competition.


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Notification Box is one of the most powerful Social Proof WordPress plugins.

As a website owner, you only have a few seconds to grab your visitors attention. In the era of unlimited options, a visitor tends to jump sites in search of the best one out there. Even though you provide the best content or service; you still need to convince your visitor what you are capable of. This is where the social proof techniques come in.

Meet Notification Box, a social proof WordPress plugin which helps improve conversions and subscriptions. As you might have guessed from the name itself, it is a notification plugin that lets you create notifications and improve your brands' trust and credibility.

Social proof is a technique that works. But as a marketer or a webmaster, you need the perfect tool to execute it and Notification Box provides you with that. There is currently a Lifetime Deal promotion where you can get the Agency license for $140 so check that out.

Notification Box - Social Proof WordPress Plugin

To get started, you can sign up and get the free Notification Box and install it from their official website. The plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress version and it can be used with other plugins as well. It takes only a few minutes to install the plugin and get it running. We recommend following their installation guide page.

The Notification Box plugin has quite a number of advanced features you will find with any premium plugin and like most WordPress plugin you can access it through the admin settings page. To access its basic functionality, search for Notification Box in the menu as shown in the image below.

Only Lifetime Deals - Notification Box Settings

In the settings page, you can change settings such as the Notification Box interval, message, log, location, type, duration and much more.

If your WordPress site is using custom post types, then the Notification Box has you covered as it is able to display a custom notification message based on the custom post. It is also able to specify rules across the whole website as well. The notifications that you create are completely customizable as you can change its size, colour, and many more. You can check out the full features here.

Creating a custom notification

The plugin lets you be in total control of what you want to showcase. This means that you can create a custom notification which is dubbed as the most “powerful” feature of the plugin. They are right as it gives you the ability to create a customizable notification and do pretty much anything you want. As you can see from our website, we are displaying ads and promotions in the custom notification box.

Only Lifetime Deals - Notifcation Box Custom Notifications

You can add your marketing material, display videos or show your custom message for the best results.

In the custom notification feature, you can set the following things.

  1. Status custom notification - enable or disable custom notification
  2. Duration notification - the duration of the notification
  3. Custom notification text - Use a shortcode, images, text or videos.

The Notification Box plugin comes with tons of features including import and export settings. It also lets you clear logs and settings if you wish to start from the beginning. Yes, there are too many features to talk about them all here so you should just head over to their website or just buy the current Lifetime Deal.


The Notification Box plugin also comes with the support of extensions which can be used to add new features and functionality. Here's the current list of Notification Box extensions.

Only Lifetime Deals - Notification Box Extensions

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ThriveCart is a powerful online cart platform with no ongoing fees!

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and imagine that you are browsing through the Internet when you come across an ad for a product that hasn’t exactly been on your wishlist but looks and sounds rather interesting. You decide to look further into the product and click on the link which takes you to a page with the product description, some cool pictures, and amazing functionalities, enough factors that convince you to purchase it. So you click on the button that says ‘Buy Now’, hoping to make a quick transaction, but are transported to a complicated looking page that has so many empty boxes and fields that you do not understand, so much so that you end up closing the window and never buying the product.

As the customer, you missed out on a great product that may have been a great addition to your life. But as a seller, you missed out on a lead which could have turned into a customer. They may have gone on to become a regular buyer from your company had you not scared him or her away with an unoptimized shopping cart.



When it comes to e-marketing and e-selling, the shopping cart is as essential as any other landing page that you may have created for a particular product. If you are successfully attracting customers to your service through clever advertisement and brilliantly organized and illustrated homepages but none of the visitors ends up buying the product because of your unimpressive cart, then you are essentially wasting away your precious resources for nothing. Here is where ThriveCart comes in to save the day.

ThriveCart offers you a simple solution that not only fixes the weak link in your chain but improves on it to the point so it actually makes you more money. It is one of the fastest growing shopping cart platforms going around at this time and for good reason: you will hardly find any such services that do the job better than ThriveCart.


Only Lifetime Deals - features

An effective checkout page

To begin with, one of the primary things that ThriveCart does for you is offer you a chance to create a sleek and modern looking checkout page that will invite customers to interact with it rather than intimidate them. You will have several templates to choose from, each of which is extremely responsive and efficient when used through any device, mobile or otherwise.

Bump offers and codes

With ThriveCart, you can also add additional offers to your checkout pages with special discounts and one time offers to entice the customers into purchasing more from your brand. The offers and coupon codes are displayed prominently and are simple to avail, often completed with s simple check in the box before the order is completed.

Integrates with existing features

ThriveCart has the ability to integrate with the services that you already use including CRMs, autoresponders, membership platforms, and payment processors, such as PayPal, ActiveCampaign, MemberPress and many more, making its implementation in your system that much simpler and easier.

A/B testing

ThriveCart also allows you to perform A/B tests so that you can constantly check your funnel for any weak links or leakages and repair them before they cause you any significant loss or damage.

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SQRIBBLE, the only creator tool you will ever need to creating awesome eBooks

While the modern world has its perks, there is little doubt in the fact that it is also incredibly fast paced. There is so much to do in such little time, especially if you are in a field as competitive as business or the marketing industry. There is no limit to the innovation that can be achieved using modern technology and it takes real effort and investment in terms of time and resources to ensure that you remain on top of your competition by developing stronger relationships with your customer base or target audience.

One of the ways through which businesses try to interact with their audiences and give them more content is eBooks. eBooks and white papers have become somewhat of a necessity when it comes to building lists, attracting leads, marketing services and products, and selling content to customers. But with so many of them out there, to make sure that your customers will be willing to buy your eBook or give it a read is to make sure that yours stands out in the crowd. A dull and boring looking eBook will not engage your customers and will likely be a waste of time and resources. Besides, who has the time to create an entire eBook from scratch anyway, unless you are willing to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a year over freelance developers and content writers?

But no need to fret, as Sqribble is here to solve all your eBook problems.


Only Lifetime Deals - Sqribble eBook creator


Through this cloud based platform, you can create professional looking eBooks in the matter of a few minutes without having to fret over how to develop the site or what content to put in. Here are a few things that Sqribble does for you to make your eBook creation experience a breeze:


Upon purchasing and launching Sqribble (which, by the way, you do not have to download as it operates on the cloud), you begin by choosing from 50 or so professional templates that have been designed by skilled designers and developers. You can select the template best suited for business by opting for the correct niche from the 15 categories that Sqribble offers or by searching using a keyword.


After selecting your template, you have to fill it with content. If you are not someone who loves to write or wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a freelance writer, Sqribble offers to automatically fill the content for you. You simply need to enter a URL or upload your own document from which Sqribble will automatically extract content. You can also fill it up manually if you are feeling creative.

A host of automated features

Sqribble also automatically generates a table of contents, headers and footers, and page numbers for you so you don't have to worry about formatting the entire document. If you do want to edit it, however, you can change it around or do it manually as well.


If you want, you can also customize the various features of the eBook by changing the color scheme, adding pictures, picking content from the in site content resource bank, adding or deleting text boxes and what not, so that the eBook is tailored down to exactly what you desire.

Generate and publish

After you are done adding all of the elements, you can simply hit the generate button to generate your automatic eBook and then click publish to put it out on the internet for instant exposure. Voila: you have made a professional eBook with minimal effort and headache in a matter of minutes!

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CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation and it's an online marketing word used to describe a method/strategy for analyzing what works and what doesn't work on a website. Basically, the conversion rate refers to the number of visitors hitting your website that turns into new leads or customers. So what can do to capture, track and analyse this information? That's where HumCommerce is the perfect tool for CRO. Having used it for the past week, I was amazed at what kind of information I was able to retrieve to further understand how to better optimise the website. Don't be fooled by the name, it's perfect for both eCommerce and normal websites like blogs, deals and comparison websites.

Let's have a look at some of the HumCommerce features. By the way, there's a lifetime deal where you can get the HumCommerce Pro plan for $49 (it's usually $499). There a different pricing plans but the lifetime deal is of great value! Get it before it runs out.

Only Lifetime Deals- HumCommerce Banner leaderboard


Generate heatmaps, record visitor sessions, A/B testing, Form Analytics, See search engine keywords, Analyze User Flow, Funnel Reports, Custom reports, Conversion Attribution, Visitor log, Real Time Map, Sales Performance by traffic, Product performance, Category performance, Sales Performance by Location, Days to Conversion, Automated Insights, Crawling Errors, Site Search Insights.

I didn't get a chance to test all the features but the visitor sessions and heatmaps were really useful.

The dashboard is pretty easy to understand and I think it's much easier to Google Analytics.

Only Lifetime Deals- HumCommerce Overview

When I clicked on the Visitors tab I was able to further understand about my visitors like screen size and type of device. I found it interesting that the second most popular Screen Resolution is 2560x1440. You can also get this information in Google Analytics but you need to click 2-3 tabs to get this information.

Only Lifetime Deals- HumCommerce Visitors Info

I also tested the heatmap feature and discovered where most people are clicking on the website. The heatmap basically shows you where people are clicking on the website.


Only Lifetime Deals- HumCommerce Heatmap

Now if you can go further and also view the sessions by seeing where the flow of where visitors actually clicked. I found this to be a very useful tool and something that Google Analytics doesn't do. Even if you buy the lifetime deal just for this feature, it's well worth it.
Only Lifetime Deals- HumCommerce Banner leaderboard


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Visual content is a key part of marketing. Sure, using blog posts is great but you can’t just put out plain blog posts every day and hope to capture your customers’ attention. Heck, even the most successful companies make it a priority to have images on each and every piece of content they dish out.

Want proof?

According to a study  conducted by Socialbakers in 2014, most people shared posts that had photos on Facebook.

I know what you are thinking- with great content you could probably get away with crappy designs right?

Wrong. That would probably have worked a few years ago. But now, words alone won’t cut it. You need to think through every aspect of the content you are creating because even subtle aspects such as line, color, font, and shape have a bearing on how customers respond to what you are trying to sell.

It may not seem like much but the visual content is the lifeblood of marketing and one of the best options when it comes to capturing the customer’s attention.  In fact, according to a study conducted by Backlinko, you have a much higher chance of ranking top of Google’s first page if you have at least one image on your blog post.

But coming up with great designs is easier said than done- especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. And not just in the sense of being time-consuming but also because it requires tons of creativity and great designs skills. And while you may be well aware of the benefits of great designs, what you may not know is how to come up with great designs that bedazzle your customers.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the graphics design tools that can be of help.

Let’s dive right in!


Only Lifetime Deals - PixTeller

PixTeller is a graphic design platform that helps you create a bunch of images for practically anything you can think of including banners, web projects, print, social media covers, graphics or any other design.

With this platform, you can replace anything and customize images and shapes to suit your fancy. And this is where the real fun begins. Once you have an idea of the kind of content you want to put out there, you can use PixTellers design editor to create high-quality designs effortlessly. And the best part, it’s going for a discounted price of $39.

Benefits of the Powerful Graphic Design Platform

  • It technically takes up all the hard work for you and that means you save time.
  • It is very reliable.

Key Features

  • Unique text properties.
  • Over a million embedded photos and illustrations.
  • Over 100,000 shapes and icons.
  • Compatibility with any modern web browser.
  • New designs each month.



Only Lifetime Deals - Photolemur

Photolemur is hands down one of the best design tools you can use. It has some of the best features including a noise reduction technology, a smarter enhancement tech to enhance your photos, a new sky enhancement and a super-fast processor that help automate your graphics design process. Another benefit of Photolemur is it costs a measly $19 and is available for both Windows and OS X.

Key Features

  • Artificial intelligence.
  • It has 12 smart technologies that analyze and adjust your images.
  • It has an intuitive interface with simple to use sliders.
  • A batch update that makes it easy to transform any number of images at a go


UX App

Only Lifetime Deals - UX App

The UX App tool offers you an easier and more functional way of creating prototypes. A quick look at some of the feedback from customers proves that it is a powerful and advanced design tool that helps you create prototypes without all the hustle that comes with prototyping. The benefit of this tool is that you don’t need to do any coding and you get a lifetime license for a discounted price of $29 which is super affordable.

Key Features

  • Lifetime access.
  • Detailed tutorials to help you get started.
  • Over 1,000 SVG icons.
  • Over 70 functional web and mobile components.

Bottom Line

Let’s be honest. With life becoming so fast-paced, attention spans are nothing like they were a few years ago. You need to use every available tool to grab your audience’s attention long enough to build a lasting relationship.

Today’s most popular attention grabber is visual content. In fact, some of most in-demand graphic designers spend years to ensure that they have perfected their graphic design skills and years more building on what they have learned over the years to ensure they come up with visually interesting content. Hopefully after reviewing these three graphics design tools; you’ll find one that’ll help you reach your goals.


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Only Lifetime Deals has worked with the great team at Greedeals to bring you an exclusive 20% OFF coupon on all deals on Greedeals. All you need to do is simply use the code OLD20 when you checkout and you will receive 20% OFF on the deal.

Only Lifetime Deals - Greedeals 20off coupon code

This works on all their deals, not just the LIFETIME DEALS. Deals range from graphic designs, stock footage and videos, fonts, WordPress plugins, courses, marketing tools, SaaS tools, software tools and so much more. You will be sure to find deals for any Graphic designer or Developer.

Here’s a list of some of their current lifetime deals:

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Several years ago, I came across a couple of sites offering different types of deals. The deals they were offering at the time was pretty good but the ones that always caught my attention were LIFETIME deals. I'm the type of person who doesn't really spend money purchasing things I don't need. I'm thrifty. I'm sure some of you entrepreneurs out there can relate to this. However, when it came to LIFETIME deals, I somehow ended up purchasing them. Most of them were software subscriptions where you would pay x amount and you would get LIFETIME access to the product. I would sometimes even buy these LIFETIME deals and not end up using them but knowing that I had it available for a LIFETIME was satisfying.

After my 4th purchase of the LIFETIME deals, I had a light bulb moment and thought, "Why not have a site that just promotes and sells lifetime deals!". A few months after this random light bulb moment, this website was born.

I noticed this was a niche market and something worth pursuing and now here we are, I'm launching this site called ONLY LIFETIME DEALS. The name of the site speaks for itself, I ONLY promote LIFETIME DEALS. My plan is to share with my readers and subscribers awesome LIFETIME deals before they miss out.

If you're like me, when you're presented with a deal that is too good to let go, you would buy it - RIGHT?

Anyways, enough about why I decided to start this site and here's a few LIFETIME deals worth checking out. If you want to save money, then remember to subscribe to receive the latest LIFETIME deals right in your mailbox so you never miss out on a LIFETIME deal.


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